MAHS Announces New Collection

The Montgomery Area Historical Association announces the acquisition of a unique collection of the works of Conrad Richter. Richter was a Pulitzer Prize & National Book Award fiction writer who was one of the popular authors in the United States in the 20th century. His father was a Lutheran pastor who served at the Stone Church from 1906-1909. During this time and a short time after, Richter lived in Alvira and also Montgomery. Richter’s younger brother, Joseph, graduated from Montgomery/Clinton High School.

The collection contains everyone of his nineteen works in high quality first editions in archival dust jacket covers. There are also three works that are special editions, including an autographed second edition of RIchter’s prize-winning trilogy, The Awakening.  In all, there are five autographed works, and a number of other related Richter’s works such as four first-edition biographies, including one from his daughter Harvena.  

The prize of the book collection is an extremely rare first-edition of Richter’s first work, a collection of his short-stories entitled, Brothers of No Kin, published in 1924. Besides being an extremely rare book, the one in the collection is in astounding good condition. It was appraised on an antiquarian book site at $1000.  

Besides the book collection, which also includes rare paperbacks of his works, also in first-edition prints, are nine letters autographed by Conrad Richter, two on his own letterhead. There is also an album of various Richter articles and memorabilia. 

The Montgomery Historical Society is also intending to add to the collection by acquiring the Saturday Evening Post editions that contained Richter’s short stories. They currently have obtained three, including the rare  April 7, 1934 magazine that contains Richter’s very first story published story by the Saturday Evening Post.  

The Historical Society has plans to promote the collection in conjunction with the Montgomery Area Public Library.